The South West service is comprised of a fixed site NSEP in Bunbury which is open five days per week, and a mobile van service which provides NSEP at designated sites throughout the South West. In addition the South West provides an outreach service to consumers who are unable to access the fixed or mobile sites.


The mobile van service provides NSEP at designated sites throughout the South West for consumers who are unable to access the fixed site in Bunbury or who don’t live in the metro area.

The Mobile service sites are:

• Margaret River
• Manjimup
• Busselton

Follow the link below and click on Bunbury tab to see the mobile van timetable.

Mobile Van Timetable

Other Services

Peer Based Harm Reduction Education:
Advice, information and referrals to reduce the harms associated with injecting drug use including the prevention of transmission of BBV’s (Blood Borne Virus) Hepatitis C and HIV.

Overdose Prevention:
Advice, information and training to manage, prevent and reverse the effects of an opioid overdose.

Safe Disposal Education:
Disposal containers are provided at each transaction. Peer Based Harm Reduction WA’s Safe Disposal Program is available to provide advice and education to consumers and other agencies regarding how to manage and prevent safe disposal issues.

Hepatitis C Education:
NSEP Workers provide support and information in relation to prevention of Hepatitis C and make referrals, where appropriate, for testing and for the provision of treatment.

Hepatitis C Peer Harm Reduction Education Become a Hep C PHRE peer educator.

Health Clinic                                                   Our wonderful Nurse is in Bunbury every 2nd Wednesday.

For more information please call our Bunbury office (08) 9791 6699 or click the 'Bunbury' tab on the contact page.