What is naloxone?

Naloxone reverses overdoses caused by heroin or other opioid drugs.

If you are someone who might witness or suffer an opioid overdose, we can provide you with free naloxone. In just 10 minutes we can teach you how to recognise and respond to an overdose with confidence.

It could save someone's life.


gif naloxone-Spinning-life-Preserver

How can you access our naloxone program?

Just come to our Perth or Bunbury sites or our South West Van sites anytime that we are open and ask for naloxone.

If you cannot get to us for any reason, we may be able deliver naloxone to you at home.

If you are anywhere in the Perth metro area, call or text 0418946706.

If you are anywhere in the South West Region, text 0418739372 and say you want naloxone.

Please note that booking ahead is essential for home delivery.