Learn new skills! Meet new people!

• We provide you with all the training and support you need to carry out your volunteer tasks.

• We offer you professional supervision and feedback on performance and contribute to your personal development.

• We value the skills and personal experience that you bring to the volunteer role and respect you as an important member of our team.

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email nsep2@harmreductionwa.org or ring us at 9325 8387.

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2023-Volunteer Application Form Perth

2023-Volunteer Application Form Bunbury


“In supervision (first as a volunteer, and now as a staff member) we focus on what I can do, and Peer Based Harm Reduction WA support me with any barriers that come up in my day to day role.  The management team understand that, as a person who identifies as having a disability, only I can define my own limitations. At Peer Based Harm Reduction WA my performance is evaluated on my ability, not my disability. Because after all, at work, it’s what people can do that matters.”

“My position at Peer Based Harm Reduction WA is one I cannot give up. Giving this spot up would mean denying myself a truly valuable experience to learn and grow professionally and personally through an organisation that really knows and values the needs of its consumers, staff and volunteers.”

“For the period that I volunteered in Bunbury I learnt a great deal, received training and mentoring from some amazing workers, and most of all had fun and felt really valued as a volunteer. It was a great experience.”

“Enquiring about volunteering at Peer Based Harm Reduction WA was the best decision that I ever made!”

“The practice of hiring peers, and indeed starting out by giving them a chance to volunteer, is a truly special thing that has made a huge difference to my life, and the life of many others I know and see around me. The sense of purpose and the ability to give back to a community I have been a part of for my entire adult life, while slowly joining the community that has shunned me for the same amount of time, has been a wonderful experience.”

“Peer Based Harm Reduction WA encouraged and assisted my development in every area in which I expressed an interest. Professionally speaking, my confidence has grown significantly. I can better articulate my lived experience and have learned how to translate that into a meaningful career. I have well-grounded, on the job experience that makes me so much more employable. My career prospects now, as compared to two years ago, are greatly increased and there is so much more on the horizon. This is a very exciting time for me.”

“On my first day here as a volunteer I knew that this was where I belonged. The staff here, all with amazing backgrounds and an incredible wealth of knowledge between them, made me aspire to work here and to be like them. They taught me that my experiences are worth something, they educated me on way more than just working in a NSEP. They taught me how to behave in challenging situations, sent me for training, sat with me one on one, validated me as a person, set goals and boundaries, and gave me a future.”

“Honestly I can’t speak highly enough of the people here. Sometimes I even surprise myself with the things that I learnt while volunteering, and the things I continue to learn.  I used to feel like I didn’t have a shot at employment at all and now I love coming to work.”