What our Safe Disposal program DOES!

Our Safe Disposal program addresses safe disposal issues within the community.

We support consumers with safe disposal through education on how to dispose of equipment safely and encourage the return of equipment and the provision of disposal units over the NSEP.

Peer Based Harm Reduction WA supports other agencies, relevant stakeholders and the wider community, delivering training, education and advice regarding how to manage and prevent safe disposal issues.

We focus on building good relationships with local residents, businesses, other stakeholders and the wider community.

We conduct daily foot patrols around the local area, collecting used injecting equipment in local ‘hot spots’.

What our Safe Disposal program DOES NOT DO!

We do not provide free disposal bins / units to other organisations / agencies.  Other organisations and agencies can purchase units from Peer Based Harm Reduction WA (contact the NSEP Coordinator for prices).

We do not take returns outside of the one for one exchange (ie, from people with diabetes, pharmacies, tattooists, social housing providers etc...).  If this is relevant to you or your organisation, contact the following for information regarding the safe disposal of your used needles and syringes.

Initial Hygiene - (08) 9436 9000

Daniels Health - 1300 66 77 87

Western Biomedical -  (08) 9441 4000 -  Disposal Unit Supplier

ASP Healthcare - (02) 8881 9460 - Disposal Unit Supplier

For people with Diabetes, contact the National Diabetes Services Scheme - NDSS Helpline 1300 136 588

Download our resources for safe disposal options in the Regions:


If you have any questions, or if you require resources or information, please contact us on:phone: 9325 8387