About Outreach

Outreach takes our services to the community, going where our target populations are (geographically and philosophically), and listening to consumers. Outreach acts as a bridge between street-level users, mainstream drug treatment, allied health agencies, and policy makers. Programs are built from the bottom up on evolutionary principles and continue to adapt to changing trends.


The outreach team:

• Delivers mobile NSEP, home delivery service, youth outreach and Stirling Empowerment Project

• Recruits, trains and supports opioid users to respond to drug overdoses as OPAM peer-educators and/or with naloxone prescribed for peer- administration.

• Provides training, education and consultation to AOD treatment or harm reduction providers and to a wide variety of health and other agencies and tertiary education and research institutions.

• Represents Peer Based Harm Reduction WA on several committees and reference groups.

• Provides education to drug users and service providers, and supports community and workforce development activities, in Perth metro, rural and regional WA.