Angela Corry - Chief Executive Officer

Leanne – Clinic Nurse
Hi I’m Leanne; I am an Endorsed Nurse Practitioner with nearly two decades specialised experience in viral hepatitis and advanced liver disease. I’m a proactive team leader and problem solver with extensive experience working with public hospitals and other agencies. I’m a published researcher with a background in trials and committed to continual professional development. I have been working as Peer Based Harm Reduction WA’s nurse since December 2015.

Paul Dessauer - Outreach Co-ordinator
Hi, my name is Paul. I coordinate the Outreach Team at Peer Based Harm Reduction WA.  I began volunteering at Peer Based Harm Reduction WA’s NSEP back in 1999, and was hired as the NSEP worker in May 2000. Shortly after that I move into an Outreach role, and I’ve been here ever since.  I love working for an organisation that values people above profit, and that values the diverse life experiences of its workers. Most of all I love working as part of a passionate and dedicated team, in a job where I know what I do makes a difference in the world and helps other people.

Kevin Winder – NSEP Coordinator
I began working with Peer Based Harm Reduction WA in 2014 as a volunteer NSEP worker at the fixed site NSEP in Bunbury and on the Mobile NSEP service. After 6 months, I was appointed as the NSEP Coordinator in Perth. Since then I have been responsible for the NSEP’s in Perth and Bunbury, volunteer recruitment, supervision of the NSEP team, the NSEP and the safe disposal program. A large part of my role involves the supervision of volunteers and NSEP staff and supporting them to deliver a great service to consumers.  I am passionate about harm reduction and I’m committed to providing a great, non-judgemental service that meets the needs of Peer Based Harm Reduction WA consumers.

Gavin – Overdose Prevention and Management (OPAM)
Hi I am Gavin. My current role at Peer Based Harm Reduction WA is OPAM Project officer. I started working at Peer Based Harm Reduction WA in January 2017 and I have been working in the A.O.D sector for six years. My current role is fantastic as I get to teach peers what to do in an opiate overdose situation and help save their mates lives.

Di Lloyd – Community Development
I have been part of the Peer Based Harm Reduction WA team since 2009. My role is as the Community Development Worker. Prior to working at Peer Based Harm Reduction WA I have worked in Child Care and been Volunteer coordinator at Rocky Bay and the WA AIDS Council. I was excited as I could identify as an IDU and could work for an agency that had the same beliefs as I did regarding Harm Reduction. It is great to provide a service for people who inject/or use drugs to be treated with respect and not be judged. From my own experience to work in an environment where I did not need to feel ashamed but to be appreciated for the life skills I bring. I am currently the staff representative for AIVL and on the Board of NAPWHA- National Association of People with HIV/AIDS and Femfatales, a sub group of NAPWHA for Women Living with HIV. I have a strong belief we should not feel ashamed being HIV Positive or Hepatitis C and one way to fight is to stand up to stigma and discrimination.

Ruth – Peer Naloxone
My name is Ruth and I joined Peer Based Harm Reduction WA in October 2016 as their Health Promotion Officer. I also deliver the Naloxone Peer Education Project, which provides training for people who may witness opioid overdose. I have worked in health promotion over the past 10 years, primarily in the areas of sexual health, blood borne viruses, alcohol and other drugs. I have been involved in the Australian Health Promotion Association for many years, which is the professional body for health promotion practitioners. I am always happy to discuss sexual health, contraception, HIV/AIDS, STIs, healthy relationships, consent, sexuality and gender.

Paul Jeffery - Hep C Case Manager

Peta Gava - Hep C Peer Harm Reduction Education Project
My name is Peta and you may recognize my face from our Needle and Syringe Exchange Program. I came to Peer Based Harm Reduction WA as a volunteer in 2016 and am now the project officer for our new Hepatitis C Harm Reduction Peer Education project.

Kelsey Atkinson - Stirling Empowerment Project

Cassie Chai - Stirling Empowerment Project

Tahnee – Perth NSEP

Sharon – Perth NSEP

Mike – Outreach

Susan Carruthers – Evaluation and Development

Jodie - South West Mobile NSEP

Soul – South West NSEP