Peer Based Harm Reduction WA is the only peer based, not for profit, community-based harm reduction organisation that represents the needs and concerns of people who use or have used drugs in WA.

Peer Based Harm Reduction WA is in a unique position to provide the consumer voice in advocating for drug users. Our aim is to bring drug users’ perspectives into all our harm reduction initiatives as well as to our partnerships with other organisations and to our advice and advocacy to governments.

As a ‘peer based’ organisation, Peer Based Harm Reduction WA is run by and for people who use or have used drugs and we support consumer participation at all levels of the organisation. Our work is focused on ensuring people who choose to use drugs are informed to use as safely as possible and with minimal harm to themselves and others.

We strive to improve access to quality harm reduction information, education, support and advocacy services in the community and across service sectors. We also place significant emphasis on reducing the stigma and discrimination regularly encountered by people who use drugs. The organisation is governed by an elected Committee of Management and day to day operations are overseen by the Chief Executive Officer. Peer Based Harm Reduction WA is funded by the Department of Health WA and the Mental Health Commission WA.

Peer Based Harm Reduction WA is the primary harm reduction organisation for the state of Western Australia (WA). We are a peer-based drug user organisation and are a vital part of the national network of drug user organisation, facilitated by Australian Injecting and Illicit Drug Users League (AIVL), the national peak body representing drug user organisations in Australia.

Peer Based Harm Reduction WA provides peer based support, information and education, advocacy and harm reduction services and services aimed at reducing the transmission of Blood Borne Viruses and Sexually Transmitted Infections associated with drug use amongst the community in WA.