Injection Infection Month

'Injection Infection Month' is being held every day at our Perth site from the 6th September to the 3rd October and every day in the South West from the 20th September to the 3rd October.

During our Injection Infection weeks we get an opportunity to spend quality one-on-one time with people, discussing and demonstrating filtering, safer injecting options and giving out extra equipment for free.

We also get a chance to explore a whole range of harm reduction techniques that can help to reduce injecting related infections such as abscesses, vein damage, endocarditis, sexually transmitted infections and blood borne viruses.

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Harm Reduction Packs

Harm Reduction Packs

What's in our award winning Harm Reduction Packs?

2 x BD 1ml Syringes

1 x Sterile Cotton or 2 x Sterifilts

1 x 2ml Sterile Water

1 x plastic spoon

10 x swabs

HR pack pocket
HR pack content
HR pack label