Hepatitis C Harm Reduction

Peer Education Project

If you are a person who injects drugs, you are in the highest risk group for exposure to the hepatitis C virus, which can lead to liver disease if left untreated. This issue affects you directly and so who better to get the word out about hepatitis C prevention and treatment than YOU?

There is no vaccination against hepatitis C, but there are excellent new treatment options available since March, 2016. The new direct acting antiviral (DAA) treatments have a cure rate higher than 95%, minimal
side effects and you can access them for free, but many people living with hepatitis C haven’t.

Perhaps you and your friends have questions about liver health, hepatitis C transmission, testing and treatment? This project aims to help answer those questions. As a peer educator, you will be trained to educate your friends, help keep them safe, and help them access testing and treatment.

Do you want to become a peer educator and potentially help others live the healthiest life they can?

Do you have a large social group? Do your friends come to you for knowledge and advice?

If this sounds like you, we’d love to hear from you. Call us on 9325 8387